I got this sexy black number on sale last month.

I’m obsessed with the lace trim, but the relaxed fit and adjustable straps make it super versatile.

The deep v lace detail reminds me of Celine SS16, but instead of slicked back hair and exposed nipples, we’re going to work with sneakers & frizzy hair.


A basic white-t makes it casual & sneakers keep it playful.


Now let’s try to layer over it!

6I love earth tones because:

  1. they make me look tan,
  2. compliment super vibrant shades like red & turquoise.

I thrifted this sweatshirt so it’s worn-in and super comfortable (and under $5).


Now here comes the party!

To cinch in my waist, I used a chain belt to add a touch of glam & sex appeal in a belly-dancing type of way. Also, wedges are always a good choice.


I still don’t know if it’s a good idea to take a romper to the club. On one hand,  you can dance, fall, and jump around without a care in the world, but there’s always that awkward moment when you’re naked in the stall for the 3rd time because you broke the seal too soon.


What do you think?

How do you make the most out of your romper?

One thought on “1 romper, 3 ways

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